Lyle Dayman

Biography of Lyle Dayman

I had drawing lessons at the old SA School of Art back in the 50‘s. In that distant past I worked in the display studio of Myer Rundle Street store and painted backgrounds for window displays. I somehow drifted into advertising and became a commercial artist and layout man. In those days I was an enthusiastic amateur painter and a member of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts. These were the days when all the best artists in SA exhibited there and the exhibitions were subject to reviews by Ivor Francis.

I eventually moved to Melbourne to join a large advertising agency and spent the next 30 years working in that field.

Via Condotti

In 1985 I retired to Yea, Victoria which was where I became seriously interested in watercolour painting. I started exhibiting in Rotary Art Shows and had several solo exhibitions in country Victoria. Our daughter Kate has been living in Italy for over 25 years and for 20 of those years we were constant visitors to the town of Bosa, Sardinia. For me it has been an artists’ dream come true as I’ve come to know the town very well and have exhibited there frequently. It would be fair to say I am the best known painter of Bosa outside the local art fraternity.

Brighton Jetty

In 2003, Rosemary and I decided to return to SA where I am now a Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, member of Pastel Artists of SA and the Adelaide Art Society. Since returning to South Australia I’ve become fascinated with the art of pastel painting, I’m also interested in combining watercolour with pastel. Right now I’m experimenting with ink drawings overlaid with watercolour and finished off with pastel.